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Changing Grades and Complaint Procedure – Final Grade

Instructors assign grades in accordance with the standards of evaluation outlined in the written syllabus for the course.  The only situations in which a grade change may occur are:

Only the final grade for the course can be appealed based on the criteria above. Grades given for individual assignments can only be appealed if their change would lead to the change of the final grade. 

The following are NOT grounds for an appeal of a grade:  The student wishes

If a student believes a final course grade is not justified for one of the valid reasons listed above, s/he is urged to discuss the grade first with the instructor within 14 days after the start of the next semester. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the discussion with the instructor, s/he can make a written appeal to the director of the program in which the course was offered. The student should state the grounds for the appeal and document any claims of grading error or improper procedure in as much detail as possible. The appeal must be submitted to the director of the program within 14 days after the instructor’s decision. In the case where the director of the program is the instructor, the student is to submit an appeal to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The director or Associate Dean will discuss the student’s appeal with the instructor and change the grade--if and only if the reasons mentioned above are warranted. The decision of the director of the program (or Associate Dean in the case where the director is the instructor) is deemed final. 

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