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Student Travel

The travel program is a privilege not an entitlement for students, though some is routinely offered as part of the scheduled academic program (journalism residencies, communication exchange, courses with travel), much of the travel is subject to available funds and selective approvals. Preference is given to travel that:

  • has a clear educational or experiential purpose with likely received value for students;
  • clearly goes "beyond the classroom;"
  • involves students across both majors;
  • involves faculty from both majors and the liberal arts, and
  • involves a deliverable--journalistic report, video project, academic paper, or other outcome;
  • involves students who have had limited or no travel over those with multiple travel experiences.

Resources & Policies

Types of Student Travel

NU-Q offers a variety of travel opportunities; some travel opportunites offer academic credit.
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Qatar Exit Permits

The State of Qatar requires that non-citizens obtain an exit visa to leave the country. International students must apply for an exit permit to leave Qatar for any reason.
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