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Request a Class Note-Taker

Policy and Procedure

If you are a student registered ANU-Q who has the accommodation of “note-taker” and you would like to request a note-taker in one or more classes, please follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that "note-taker" is listed as an approved accommodation on your Accommodation Agreement. If it is not, and you feel that you may qualify for the service, call +974 4454-5073 or email to request an appoinment
  2. Attend at least two (2) class sessions of each course in which you are considering requesting a note-taker. If your class only meets once each week, please attend one (1) class session before requesting a note-taker from ANU-Q.
  3. Fill out the Note-taker Policy and Request Form and return it to ANU-Q.
  4. The form can be sent as an email attachment to or hand delivered to ANU-Q in the Student Affairs suite.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. It is the responsibility of the student to submit all requests in a timely manner. Note-takers are expected to provide notes from the date the original request is made until the end of the term. Like all other accommodations, notes are not provided retroactively.
  2. Students are encouraged to use other similar accommodations, like receiving PowerPoints in advance of class and recording class lectures, in conjunction with receiving a copy of notes from a note-taker.
  3. Students who receive a note-taker as an accommodation are expected to use the additional notes in conjunction with their own. All students are still responsible for attending and taking notes during class. Students are not to share these notes with anyone else.
  4. It is the student's responsibility to inform ANU-Q immediately if their notes are inaccurate, not timely, or if they are no longer required.

Finding a Note-Taker:

After receiving a completed Note-taker Policy and Request Form, ANU-Q takes the following steps to assist in finding a note-taker for the student:

  1. An e-mail is sent to all students in the class requesting a volunteer to provide copies of their notes for a student with a disability. The ANU-Q student receiving the notes is not named in the email. Any interested student volunteers are required to submit a sample of notes which are approved by the professor.
  2. After five (5) business days, if no students have applied, a second e-mail is sent. 3
  3. Generally, a volunteer is found during this e-mail process, however if not, ANU-Q will reach out to the professor and request that they assist in finding a note-taker.

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