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Class Attendance & Absence

Students are expected to attend all sessions of the courses for which they are registered.

Excessive absence is cause for failure in the course. Some courses require attendance at the first class meeting; students may be dropped for nonattendance.

Makeup of Course Work and Examinations

All undergraduate students in residence in any school of Northwestern University, including NU-Q, must make up grades of X (absent) and Y (incomplete) before the end of the next semester, or credit is forfeited. Students not in residence must make up all such grades within one year after the course was offered, or credit is forfeited.

Those not in residence must also apply for any makeup examinations in advance. Permission to take a makeup examination to remove a grade of X must have the written approval of the instructor and the director of the program that offered the course. Makeup examinations are conducted early in each semester. An application for a makeup examination must be filed several weeks in advance at Academic Affairs.

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