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Global Media Experience (GME)

Global Media Experience is an international trip to media centers around the globe. The trips, typically held during summer, enable students to visit major traditional and new media organizations.

This trip creates an opportunity for students to engage with individuals at a variety of media companies and gives students greater understanding of the role of media globally, and discover potential areas of study, as well as careers to pursue.

Who is eligible?

Global Media Experience is available to all students in good academic standing.

When is it?

Global Media Experience typically occurs during summer.

2019 Global Media Experience: June 26 - July 2, 2019


2019 Global Media Experience: New York City


To apply for the 2019 program, students will complete:

Application link:

Application deadline: January 21, 2019


Selected students will:

  • Pay a 500 QAR non-refundable deposit
  • Attend and participate in four pre-departure sessions to prepare for the trip
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