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Wildcat Serve (WCS)

Wildcat Serve allows students to participate in their own independent service learning trips.

Wildcat Serve offers grants up to QAR 5,000 for one-week trips, and QAR 7,500 for trips that are two or more weeks.


  • Anyone can apply for a grant, as long as they are not on academic/disciplinary probation or graduating before the project components can be fulfilled
  • Applicants can apply with other NU-Q students, for a maximum group size of 2 to 4 students.
  • At least 1 person in the group must have participated in a university-sponsored trip before

When is it?

Exact dates are determined by the student(s).

  • Winter Break
  • Summer Break


The location is determined by the student(s).


Students may apply in a maximum group size of 2 to 4 people. If awarded, each student receives the monetary award -- i.e. if four students apply for a one-week trip, each student is awarded QAR 5,000, or the group is awarded a total of QAR 20,000.

To apply, students must complete the below steps:

  1. Complete an online proposal, detailing the service work, partner organization, risk and safety assessment, proposed project and budget
  2. Pitch their proposal to the selection committee

Download the PowerPoint 


Selected students will:

  • Participate in a not-for-credit class, graded on engagement and participation.
  • Research and complete all logistical arrangements, including risk assessment
  • Attend three pre- and one post-departure sessions to help prepare for the trip and reflect on the experience
  • Complete a capstone project
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