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Rights and Responsibilities of the Northwestern Community

Becoming a member of the Northwestern University community is an honor, a privilege that carries with it prestige and respect. The University affords students a number of rights that are fundamental to membership in our shared community, but along with these privileges and rights, membership also requires students to meet and uphold community standards.

Remaining a member of the Northwestern community requires a student to continuously comply with rules and regulations governing students’ academic progress, social interactions and personal behavior. Please remember, “Student status at Northwestern is a privilege earned by meeting standards of academic performance and adherence to regulations governing conduct.”

University-enacted rules and regulations are found in several sources, including but not limited to the Northwestern University in Qatar Catalog, the University’s website, notices disseminated from time to time by the University or its schools and departments, and – of course – this Student Handbook.

The exercise of individual rights by students and other members of the Northwestern community may not abridge the following rights, subject, in appropriate circumstances, to the University’s right to take actions to protect the health and safety of the University community, and its members, guests and visitors.

  1. The right of a faculty or staff member to exclude from a classroom or other university premises, during the progress of a class or other University sponsored program or activity, persons not enrolled in the class or other unauthorized persons.
  2. The right for privacy of a student or faculty or staff member in his or her office or other work area.
  3. The right of the University to take actions reasonably determined to secure the rights outlined above and to assure that students, faculty and staff may pursue their legitimate goals on University premises or at University functions without interference.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

A civil, open, and interactive community is an essential characteristic of a vital university. It is fundamental to the free exchange of ideas that is at the core of an environment that cultivates, learning and discovers. Yet universities throughout the world are experiencing serious challenges in achieving this desired, indeed necessary, sense of community. At Northwestern University, we must vigorously pursue an academic work, and social environment that is civil, fair and founded upon mutual respect and trust. All individuals within the broad University community should share this aspiration and its attendant responsibilities. As members of the Northwestern community, its faculty, staff and students are expected to deal with each other with respect and consideration.

Student status at Northwestern is a privilege earned by meeting standards of academic performance and adherence to regulations governing conduct. As a private institution, Northwestern University has created policies and regulations defining, among other things, who may be a part of or visit the University and who may have access to the property and facilities of the institution.

Students are also subject to federal state, and local laws, including the laws of the State of Qatar. Within this framework, students have guaranteed rights, but the exercise of those rights may not interfere with the rights of others in the University community.

Student Rights

The rights of individual students include:

  1. The right to pursue academic and other goals without being subject to discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, parental status, marital status, age, disability, citizenship, or veteran status;
  2. Protection against unlawful searches and seizures;
  3. Freedom to communicate, assemble and peaceably demonstrate;
  4. Freedom to join organizations, to speak freely, and to exercise one’s civil rights as long as the student does not claim to represent the institution;
  5. The right to a fair and impartial hearing through designated resolution procedures regarding allegations of violations and institutional rules.

Student Responsibilities

The responsibilities of individual students include:

  1. Compliance with University regulations as set forth in the NU-Q Student Handbook, other official University publications, and federal, state and local laws. These regulations and laws include, but are not limited to, assaults, theft, damage to personal or University property, sexual assault, sexual or other forms of harassment, alcohol offenses, drug-related offenses, gambling, motor vehicle violations, unauthorized access to buildings or property of the University and resisting or obstructing a police or security officer in the performance of his or her duties.
  2. Cooperation with University and Qatar Foundation officials, including Qatar Foundation security officials, acting in their official capacity within established guidelines. Students are required to provide identification when asked and surrender, upon request, their University Identification card until the incident under investigation is resolved.

Student Rights and Responsibilities in the University Hearing and Appeals System

Students who participate in UHAS, as either a reporter or a respondent, have rights. Learn more.

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