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Pre-Departure Requirements

All student travelers must complete the following Health & Wellness and Safety & Security pre-departure requirements at least 10 days before travel departure:

  1. After signing up for a student trip, you will be contacted by NU-Q personnel and given the International Trip Documentation Pack to sign and complete.
  2. Complete the online Canvas NU-Q International Risk Management Training. The course contains two parts: Part 1: Health & Wellness and Part 2: Safety & Security. Once each of the presentations are finished, make sure to complete the quizzes. (Students must get 10/10 questions correct in order to pass them.) Canvas.PNG*Please note that the training completion is valid for one academic year.
  3. Students must also contribute 500 QAR toward the trip. Students on financial aid may request to have the fee waived.
  4. In order to be compliant with our policy, students must also be clear on their payments. Contact our Student Finance Department more information.
  5. Students must keep the international health insurance information that the NU-Q Health & Wellness Counselor will provide for the trip.

ADDITIONAL Requirements for high-risk destinations

If your destination is rated level 3 or 4 by the U.S. DOS Travel Advisory, reconsider travel (high risk destinations). Review the U.S. DOS Travel Advisory and the Destination Health Information (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “CDC”) before traveling.

Students and Trip Leaders are obliged to complete a Travel Permission Request (see sample) when traveling to high-risk destinations. The International Risk Assessment Committee will review the plan. Read the Travel Permission Request Guideline.

ADDITIONAL Requirements for students traveling independently

Students traveling on their own are responsible for the planning and coordination of travel. Students traveling on their own must complete a Risk Management Plan (see sample). For more information, please read the Student Travel Protocol.

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