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Documentation Guidelines

AccessibleNU-Q finds it beneficial when a student provides any documentation that:

Documentation Guidelines by Type of Condition

Northwestern University in Qatar students present documentation related to a variety of disabilities and other conditions requiring accommodation:

Why is documentation beneficial?

Documentation is not intended to put a student in the position of proving their disability and is less needed when a student's condition is apparent; the intent is to put AccessibleNU-Q in the most knowledgeable position possible to advocate for a student if requested to do so by the student.

In order for decisions to be made regarding the appropriate accommodations for each student, documentation of the condition by a licensed professional unrelated to the student that includes resulting limitations and recommended accommodations is most helpful. The documentation provided by the professional will not become part of the student's educational records and will be kept in the student's confidential file at AccessibleNU-Q.

Note: In general, especially with conditions that are stable, documentation needs to be submitted to AccessibleNU-Q only once to register. However, after registering, you must request accommodations every semester for which you require them.

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