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Counseling and Wellness Operations During Remote Delivery of Classes and FIFA

When remote classes are occurring at Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q), it is intended to enhance community safety.  Beginning November 6, 2022 through December 22, 2022, Counseling and Wellness services will be remote.  Counseling and Wellness offers virtual sessions to meet the needs of qualifying students during the time between semesters:    

Counseling and Wellness would like to remind you to take the best health safety precautions for yourself and those around you. If you are not feeling well, please contact QF Primary Health Care Center (QF-PHCC) at 4454-1244 or 4454-1240 or email to request a consultation.  QF-PHCC will continue to receive routine and emergency medical incidents, and dental emergencies, where in-person attendance is required while strictly adhering to Infection Prevention & Control Guidelines by MOPH.  For University COVID 19 updates, please visit the Northwestern University in Qatar Taking Care of Yourself During the COVID-19 Pandemic for tips on coping and additional resources for support and self-care as well as Northwestern University in Qatar Coronavirus-COVID 19 Updates Page. 


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