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Emergency Transportation for Medical Treatment Reimbursement

Students with full-time status (and part-time seniors in their last semester) who receive financial aid from QF and/or NU-Q are eligible to be reimbursed up to QAR 100 for emergency transportation services.  Any unused amount from one week will not be carried forward to any subsequent weeks.

How to access

To apply for reimbursement of transportation costs, students must submit to Counseling and Wellness the following items:

  1. Receipt for transportation costs (must include travel origination and destination, date, time of departure and arrival, and fee); and
  2. Medical documentation of the appointment for medical services received (must include the date/time of services, doctor’s signature and medical facility stamp).

Within 5 business days of the submission of documentation that is complete, students will receive an email indicating the approval/denial of the reimbursement.  There is no appeal for claims denied. All reimbursements must be submitted within 2 months of the date of travel.

If students prefer to utilize Careem car service and not pay for transportation services upfront, they must either download the Careem app or use and set up an account using an email address ending in or  Once logged into the account created, students can apply the  Counseling and Wellness reference code to pay for the transportation.  Please email to access the reference code.  Please keep your medical documentation of the appointment as Counseling and Wellness will request it once the invoice is received by university. 

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