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Priority of Use

Equipment required for class instruction has priority over any equipment reservations or usage. During periods of class instruction equipment will be offline up to the first eight weeks of semester or until class instruction is complete. Equipment access is based on the following priority:

First priority

During fall and spring academic semesters, students enrolled at NU-Q have first priority usage.

Second priority

Second priority is faculty, staff, and alumni.

Faculty and staff members have access to equipment during their employment by NU-Q, to avail this service they must first sign a Faculty and Staff Equipment Loan Agreement form.

Alumni must first sign an Alumni Equipment Loan Agreement form and can then have access to equipment for a period of two years following graduation.

Faculty, staff, and alumni may check out equipment for a period of three days. Requests for extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Equipment must be presented to the equipment cage for permission to extend the check-out period. If equipment is not found to be in satisfactory condition, no extension will be granted and you will face a fine.

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