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Billing and Payment

Invoices and account statements are emailed to students via their Northwestern email addresses once each semester.

Fees must be paid in full before future semester registrations.

Payment Due Dates

Fall Semester 2017 Spring Semester 2018 Summer Session 2018
Statement Sent September 10, 2017 January 10, 2018
Payment Due October 1, 2017 February 1, 2018 May 31, 2018

How to Make a Payment

Tuition payments can be submitted to the NU-Q Business and Finance office, located on the third floor in the NU-Q building at Education City.

Payment Plans

Tuition payment plans are available and may provide flexibility to spread out payments evenly over the academic year. All payment plans must finish during the final month of the academic year. Payment plans should be requested and begin at the beginning of the academic year.

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