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Student Travel Requirements


Students traveling must follow the Student Code of Conduct as well as the destination local laws and regulations and follow the instructions of the faculty or staff member leading the travel.

Students are expected to travel to and from the location with the group on group-travel. Exceptions to this must be requested over one month in advance and will not be allowed on many trips. When exceptions are made, a waiver must be signed by the student and any additional expense is the responsibility of the student.


Student travelers must follow the Student Travel Protocol before, during and after the completion of the trip. 


Student travelers must complete all pre-departure requirements set in the  Student Travel Protocol  AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR DEPARTURE. NU-Q reserves the right to not release trip funds and/or eventually cancel trips when students do not complete the list of pre-departure requirements.


Students traveling independently must also follow the Student Travel Protocol. However, they are responsible for the planning and coordination of travel. Students traveling on their own must complete a Risk Management Plan and submit it to the HSSE.

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