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Other Disabling Conditions

Documentation Guidelines for Other Disabling Conditions:

AccessibleNU-Q will serve students who have disabling conditions that do not fall in any of the other categories elaborated on our website; decisions regarding appropriate accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Documentation of the following information is helpful, especially if the student's condition is invisible:

Additional information that seems helpful in determining the nature and severity of the student's disability may assist AccessibleNU-Q in working with the student to determine appropriate accommodations and intervention.

Verification Form

Medical professionals providing the above information may find it helpful to access our form and fill it out on the student's behalf.

Download: Medical Condition Verification Form

Consultation with Northwestern Home Campus

If AccessibleNU-Q is seeking clarification, the documentation provided may be reviewed by the relevant University agency (such as home campus University Health Service) as determined by the type of documentation provided, for diagnosis of the disabling condition and the resulting functional limitations. In these cases, the University agency would make recommendations for accommodations to AccessibleNU-Q who would then, in conjunction with the student, make the final decisions regarding accommodations and services based on all of the relevant information.

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