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Cross-Register at EC

You are: a current NU-Q student and you want to cross-register at another Education City university.


Northwestern students may cross-register for courses at other Education City universities beginning in their sophomore year; this opportunity is not available to freshman students. Permission to cross-register is granted by Academic Affairs, which assists in the cross-registration process. Students should meet with their academic adviser to discuss cross-registration policies.

To apply for a cross-registration course:

  1. Complete the Education City Cross Registration Request Form . This is the ONLY form that will be accepted and it must be completed and printed off for appropriate signatures.
  2. Submit a copy of your passport with the registration form. Forms will not be accepted unless completed accurately and include the passport copy.


By enrolling at another university in Education City, you are agreeing to follow their university rules and policies. Not all universities follow the same academic calendar and you must adhere to the requirements of the host institution.

NU-Q students should be aware that cross-registered courses may count towards graduation but in keeping with Northwestern University policy, do not count in the determination of the overall GPA. Students who need a record of grades received in cross-registered courses should contact the host campus for an official transcript.

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