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Counseling, Health, and Wellness

NU-Q Counseling, Health, and Wellness promotes and advocates for healthy lifestyle choices by offering awareness activities, educational programs, and short term, free counseling for any issues that students may present.


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Mental Health and Counseling

Counseling Services

It is normal for students to experience adjustment challenges throughout their college experience. We offer counseling on:

  • study skills
  • career decision making
  • stress and anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship and social difficulties
  • eating and body image concerns
  • loss and grief
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Mental Health Emergency and Urgent Care

For life-threatening situations:

Within Education City:
Call 4454-0999 or 5556-4701

Outside Education City:
Call 999

After emergency services are contacted, please alert CHW at 4454 5073 or 5503-2187; or the Director of Student Affairs office at 4454 5084.  

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How to Support a Student in Distress

  • Support a student in immediate danger
  • Refer a student
  • Learn the signs of distress
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Counseling, Health, and Wellness records are strictly confidential.
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Student Health Policies

Health Insurance Requirements

NU-Q requires all currently enrolled students to submit front and back copies of their valid State of Qatar national health insurance card. Learn how to apply for a Hamad Health Card.
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Reimbursement For Medical Treatment Transportation

NU-Q students with full-time status who receive financial aid are eligible for reimbursement of medical transportation costs.
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On-Campus Educational Programs & Activities

Counseling, Health, and Wellness coordinates many health-related educational programs to promote healthy lifestyles, health maintenance, and disease/injury prevention.

  • Wellness Wednesdays occur throughout fall and spring semesters, and highlight a health related topic of interest to students
  • Health and wellness challenges, such as Walktober and Step into Health, help students to make healthy lifestyle changes

Hospitals, Clinics, Health Resources

In Qatar

Medical facilities in Qatar
A list of various emergency, urgent, routine care, pharmacy, and fitness facilities in Education City, and in the greater Doha community.

Mental health resources in Qatar
A list of various emergency, urgent, routine care options related to mental health in Education City, and in the greater Doha community.

Health Resources Online

Student Health 101 Magazine

Student Health 101 provides information and articles to help you be healthier in your life, your academics, and your relationships. Students can enter to win prizes.
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Online Health Resources by Topic

Counseling, Health, and Wellness has compiled a list of web resources on a specific health topics: alcohol and drugs, exercise, family health and women's issues, general health, men's health, mental health, nutrition, self care, sleep, stress and time management, tobacco cessation.
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Breathe Mobile App

Breathe is a stress management resource created purposely for Northwestern students.
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