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Counseling and Wellness

NU-Q Counseling and Wellness promotes and advocates for healthy lifestyle choices by offering awareness activities, educational programs, and short term, free counseling for any issues that students may present.  Counseling and Wellness strives to make the counseling space inclusive of all regardless of sexuality, gender, culture, race, or age. 

Click the link here to make an initial care plan meeting, a first or follow up counseling appointment, request an interview or outreach program, schedule a walk in appointment (called "Let's Talk"), a health consultation, or a faculty staff consultation.  

Email questions to

To discuss personal concerns, please book an appointment rather than send an email.  Please be aware that staff does not maintain 24-hour access to e-mail accounts or voicemail.  To address a non-life-threatening mental health urgency when you are physically located in Qatar, call 3061-8481 to be connected with the Counseling and Wellness staff.  If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 999 or visit the local emergency room.   

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Welcome Class of 2025!

We are committed to your health and academic success

All students are responsible for being aware of these requirements and submitting the appropriate documents within the timeline provided. For incoming students from outside of Qatar, completion of the Certificate in their home country is recommended. Students are responsible for any costs incurred in completing the Certificate and the NU-Q provided health insurance does not cover the cost of the vaccinations.

For students who DO NOT currently reside in Qatar

Please read this notice

Complete the NU-Q Immunization and Tuberculosis Screening Certificate 
Complete the Student Information form 
DUE 30 days after the first day of fall semester classes.

Complete the National Health Card Application 
DUE after receiving your Resident Permit.


Blood Group Certificate (for ALL students who do not currently reside in Qatar 
Please bring this document with you when you come to Qatar.  This document will be requested when your Resident Permit is processed.  
DUE upon your arrival into Qatar

For Semester in Qatar Students who DO NOT currently reside in Qatar

Please read this notice

Complete the Supplemental Immunization Certificate.
Submit a copy of your Northwestern University Health Service “Admission Health Record” page 2 (PART II: REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS).
Submit a copy of your international health insurance certificate.  
DUE 30 days after the first day of fall semester classes.



Mental Health and Counseling

Counseling and Wellness Services During COVID 19

This time of uncertainly will continue to be challenging to you and those around you, making attention to self-care, especially valuing your health, even more important.
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Counseling Services

It is normal for students to experience adjustment challenges throughout their college experience. We offer counseling on:

  • study skills
  • career decision making
  • stress and anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship and social difficulties
  • eating and body image concerns
  • loss and grief
  • sexual assault
  • traumatic event
See a Counselor

Mental Health Emergency and Urgent Care

For life-threatening situations:

Within Education City:
Call 4454-0999 or 5556-4701

Outside Education City:
Call 999

After emergency services are contacted, please alert Counseling and Wellness at 3061-8481 to alert the university of the emergency.  

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How to Support a Student in Distress

  • Support a student in immediate danger
  • Refer a student
  • Learn the signs of distress
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Coping with Recent Events

Counseling and Wellness recognizes the detrimental impact that racism and any form of prejudice and discrimination have on mental health and well-being. It’s okay to acknowledge the pain you’re feeling, disconnect and take time to help ourselves and the people around us. We are here to support you. We can join you in processing how systems of oppression and traumatic events impact your emotions, beliefs, and identities, and we can also help you connect to resources. We call upon everyone, especially those who hold unearned power and privilege, to take up the responsibility to fight against systemic racism and oppression.

*If you experience or observe discrimination, bias or hate-related incidents at NU-Q, please consider reporting it here.

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Counseling, Health, and Wellness records are strictly confidential.
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Student Health Policies

Health Insurance Requirements

NU-Q requires all currently enrolled students to submit front and back copies of their valid State of Qatar national health insurance card. Learn how to apply for a Hamad Health Card.
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Reimbursement For Emergency Medical Treatment Transportation

NU-Q students with full-time status who receive financial aid are eligible for reimbursement of emergency medical transportation costs.
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Presentation and Outreach Request

Counseling and Wellness can provide presentations on a wide variety of topics that affect students. These include, but are not limited to: QPR Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training, stress management/wellness/balance, peak performance training, healthy relationships, body image and healthy eating, diversity issues, identity development, imposture syndrome, dealing with families, working through transitions, developing effective communication skills, and assertiveness, and many more.

To request an outreach, complete the Outreach Request for Presentations and Interviews. Counseling and Wellness staff will review it and be in contact with the requestor.

Hospitals, Clinics, Health Resources

In Qatar

Medical facilities in Qatar
A list of various emergency, urgent, routine care, pharmacy, and fitness facilities in Education City, and in the greater Doha community.

Mental health resources in Qatar
A list of various emergency, urgent, routine care options related to mental health in Education City, and in the greater Doha community.

Health Resources Online

Student Health 101 Magazine

Student Health 101 provides information and articles to help you be healthier in your life, your academics, and your relationships. Students can enter to win prizes.
Go to Student Health 101

Online Health Resources by Topic

Counseling, Health, and Wellness has compiled a list of web resources on a specific health topics: alcohol and drugs, exercise, family health and women's issues, general health, men's health, mental health, nutrition, self care, sleep, stress and time management, tobacco cessation.
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Helpful (& Healthful) Apps

View a selection of health and wellbeing apps for your phone.
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