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Student Medical Care

Health Insurance Requirement

Northwestern Qatar requires all full-time enrolled students and part time enrolled seniors in their last semester to participate in a private comprehensive health insurance plan. The policy, at no cost to students, includes access to medical, financial, and travel benefits. No additional documents are required for your enrollment.  

Please note that it is your responsibility to inform NU-Q HSSE if you are married or your single status changes to married while enrolled at NU-Q in order that your insurance cover can be updated to include pregnancy.

Applicable to Fall Semester Enrollment: Full-time enrolled students, part-time enrolled seniors in their last semester and incoming students will be automatically registered for the policy, which is valid yearly from August 1 through July 31. Students (excluding new incoming students) who register for fall classes after June 26 will be added to the policy after the university's official census date.  

Applicable to Spring Semester Enrollment: Students who do not register for the fall semester but do register for the spring semester should complete this form on or before the last day to add a class.  Northwestern Qatar HSSE will initiate the enrollment process.  Please allow at least 7 business days for health insurance to be activated.  

Students not currently enrolled (with the exception of students on their two semesters of an approved MLOA) are not covered by the university provided health insurance. 

Beginning August 1 of each enrollment year, sophomores/juniors/seniors will receive their insurance card electronically via their NU-Q email address and can retrieve the hard copy from Health and Safety.  Incoming/first year students may receive their insurance card electronically via their personal email and the hard copy will be distributed to them during new student orientation. 

When seeking a medical service, students are advised to contact the customer care representative to verify the medical service is reimbursable or is a covered medical procedure.  For more information read the policy below or contact Sanad Customer Care or call the Sanad Customer Care Hotline at +974 7781 3869

Health Insurance Resources

For any questions regarding covered benefits and network healthcare providers you can contact Sun-Thursday 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

On this page you can find the following health insurance resources:

Emergency Medical and Non-Emergency Care

Emergency Numbers

Inside Northwestern Qatar Building Emergency: 4454 5247

Education City Emergency (on-campus): 4454 0999 

Outside Education City Emergency (off-campus): 999 


What is an emergency?

An emergency is an injury, illness, or situation that is life threatening and which requires an immediate medical response or intervention.  When at the Northwestern Qatar building, you should call 4454 5247.  In other parts of Education City, you should call 4454 0999.  If you are outside of Education City, you should call 999.  

What should I do for a non-emergency medical incident, or I require urgent care? 

A non-emergency or medical urgency is an acute injury, illness, or situation that needs timely professional assistance, but does not pose an immediate health threat.

Northwestern Qatar has certified first aiders which you can reach by calling 4454 5247. For on campus medical advice or treatment during business hours you may contact Qatar Foundation Primary HealthCare Center at 4454 1240 / 4454 1244.

If you are off campus, you can contact Qatar’s Primary Health Care service at +974 4406 9917.

Education City Medical Care

Emergency Phone Numbers

Campus Emergency: 4454 0999

QF Primary Healthcare Center: 4454 12404454 1244.  


Is there a medical clinic on the Education City campus?

Yes. Qatar Foundation (QF) Primary Health Care Center, located in Multaqa (Student Center), is the primary healthcare center for Northwestern Qatar. This clinic is being operated by Queens Medical and has direct billing established with Northwestern Qatar provided insurance. No appointment is required to see a physician. However, you do need to make an appointment to see a dentist.  The email address for the clinic is

You should mention the Qatar Foundation clinic when you make your booking.

Is there a pharmacy on the Education City Campus?

Yes. Kulud Pharmacy is located in Multaqa (Student Center).

When is the clinic and pharmacy open?

For clinic opening times call 4454-12404454-1244, pharmacy 4037 8029 / 5560 6956

Is there a nutrition center inside Education City?

Yes, to make an appointment with a nutritionist email QF Nutrition Clinic at

Do I need to pay for prescribed medication from Kulud Pharmacy?

If you choose to fill your prescription from Kulud Pharmacy and you have health insurance arranged by Northwestern Qatar, you will have access to the direct billing arrangements. This entitles students who are enrolled in the insurance plan to receive their prescribed medication for free, if it is covered by the policy. All students are required to pay for medication and other supplies that are not prescribed or not included in the insurance policy.

Global Rescue

Northwestern Qatar has contracted Global Rescue to provide worldwide travel services for all students. These services enhance the safety and emergency resources available to members of our community while traveling overseas. All NU-Q students are registered with Global Rescue and the offered services can be used at any time.

Global Rescue Services includes medical services ranging from 24/7 telephone advice and referrals to full-scale medical evacuation.

Find more information about Global Rescue, offered services and app/website guidelines:

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