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Understanding Your Online Bill

  • Activity Posted Through

    Activity Posted Through

    Includes all transactions posted to the student account by this date.

  • Previous Account Balance

    Previous Account Balance

    Amount carried forward from the previous month's invoice.

  • Net Charges

    Net Charges

    Sum of new charges on this month's invoice.

  • Net Actual Aid and Payments

    Net Actual Aid and Payments

    Sum of new credits on this month's invoice. CR = Credit.

  • New Account Balance

    New Account Balance

    This figure starts with the previous balance on your account and then adds net charges and subtracts net credits. It does not include Anticipated Aid as this funding is still pending.

  • Anticipated Aid

    Anticipated Aid

    Pending aid for every term; aid not disbursed eventually expires. CR = Credit.

  • Adjusted Balance Due

    Date Posted

    The adjusted balance is your account balance minus the anticipated aid. If all transactions that appear on the account are completed as planned, this is your anticipated future balance. CR = Credit.

  • Account Detail

    Account Detail

    Itemized transactions of the account. View the Tuition section or Common Fees for more information on costs and fees.

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