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Cage Hours & Rules

The equipment cage is located in room G-207 on the ground floor of the NU-Q building.

Cage rules

  • Students, faculty, and staff are assisted on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Proof of identity is mandatory for all check-in and check-outs. Failure to produce identification will result in refusal of service.
  • Only Production and Digital Media Services staff are allowed inside the Equipment Cage
  • First priority is given to students who are currently enrolled in a class whose syllabus has specified the use of production equipment or facilities.
  • Checked-out equipment cannot be left in the Equipment Cage, corridors, classrooms, edit suites, studios, common areas, or with security guards. Checked-out equipment must be in the student's possession at all times, or stored in a secure place. Students whose equipment is found unattended by Production staff are subject to fines and penalties. Equipment security cages located behind studios A and B are available on a first-come-first-served basis to store large quantities of bulky/oversized equipment. Students must email production to request an equipment security cage. Reservation requests to store smaller, minimal quantities of items will not be approved.
  • Checking out equipment on behalf of other NU-Q students or non-NU-Q community members is not permitted.
  • Equipment checked out must be returned ON TIME. The return date and time on the Equipment Checkout Form must be strictly adhered to. Requests for extensions need to be made during check-out.
  • We do not accept phone queries regarding extensions for equipment that is already checked out. Check-out renewal can be requested by emailing only. Any further extensions should be requested via Special Request Form.
  • Equipment is to be returned in the condition that it was received at check-out. Equipment must be clean, cables coiled, stored neatly in the cases provided, all batteries and media removed, and all equipment items present (including any recording media). Equipment should be ready for use by the next person when returned.
  • If a piece of equipment is damaged while still under the checked-out period, the person(s) responsible for the equipment must inform the Equipment Cage staff and complete a Damaged Equipment Form. 
  • If a piece of equipment is lost or stolen while still under the checked-out period, the person(s) responsible for the equipment must inform the Equipment Cage staff and complete a Total Loss or Theft Form.
  • Equipment should be reserved at least 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Equipment should be picked up Otherwise, the equipment reservation is automatically cancelled after a 30-minute grace period.
  • All group members should be present during the check-out and all members must sign the Equipment Checkout form in order for the equipment liability to be shared among the group members.
  • Any member of a group who signed the Equipment Checkout form can return equipment.
  • You should allocate at least 30 minutes for each transaction to give yourself enough time to check all equipment.
  • All equipment must be checked for damage and operation by the person(s) checking it out before the Equipment Checkout Form is signed. Once the check-out form is signed, all liability regarding the condition of the equipment is on the person(s) who signed for it.
  • Equipment Cage staff has the right to refuse check-out of any equipment if adequate checking is not performed, including powering on all items and checking recording media
  • After you sign the Equipment Checkout Form, we do not accept any claims of missing or damaged items during the check-out. By signing the form, the person(s) has confirmed that all items were present and in good working order, as per the Equipment Loan Agreement and Equipment Checkout Form.
  • Any abusive, threatening, uncivil, or disruptive behavior towards staff or other members of the community is not tolerated. Service will be refused, and disciplinary action will be taken.  
Failure to adhere to any of the above rules will result in refusal of check-out, a penalty/fine, suspension, and/or permanent loss of production equipment and facility usage privileges.

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