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Financial Regulations

Financial responsibility upon withdrawal from the University

Students who withdraw from Northwestern University in Qatar must immediately file a withdrawal form.  

Tuition deposits are not refundable under any circumstances. Tuition, less the tuition deposit, and refundable fees are refundable depending on the number of days the student was enrolled in the semester.

The following schedule details the percentage of tuition a student may be refunded after commencing classes at the University. The schedule applies to Fall and Spring terms only. Days in the chart below refer to class days. Thus, the 10th day of classes would typically be the end of the second week of classes for the semester. These terms may be different for summer courses are accelerated, therefore students who are considering withdrawing from a summer term should contact a student financial services representative to understand their financial liability. 

Day of Withdrawal Percent Refund Eligibility
1-10 (on or before) 100%
11-20 75%
21-40 50%
41 plus 0%

Financial aid recipients who withdraw from Northwestern University may be required to return a portion of their aid.  Details may be obtained from the Northwestern University in Qatar Student Financial Aid Services Representative.

Financial responsibility upon changes in registration

For the fall and spring semesters, no refund or bill reduction is made for changes in registration after the tenth day of classes. For the summer semester, no refund or bill reduction is made for changes in registration after the second day of classes.

Financial obligations

Students whose University bills are overdue may not be given an academic transcript until all financial obligations are paid in full. The registration of a student whose bills are past due may be cancelled or blocked.

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