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Rights and Responsibilities of Students with Disabilities

The rights and responsibilities below refer specifically to students with disabilities who are registered with AccessibleNU-Q.

Students with disabilities registered with AccessibleNU-Q have the following rights:

  • Equal access to courses, programs, services, and activities offered through the University
  • Equal opportunity to learn, and to receive reasonable accommodations and academic adjustments in an effort to diminish the effect of the condition on academic functioning
  • Self-determination of who will receive student-released, disability-related materials and information within and outside the University. View our confidentiality policy.
  • The same rights and privileges available to other students at Northwestern University in Qatar
  • The right to exercise the informal and/or formal grievance procedure for students with disabilities if you not afforded one or more of the above rights

For more information on your legal rights, please review the relevant laws or use the external links to legal resources included in our resources for students.

Students with disabilities registered with AccessibleNU-Q have the following responsibilities:

  • Self-identify as an individual with a disability via notification from AccessibleNU-Q prior to when an accommodation is needed, and seek information, counsel, and assistance as necessary in a timely fashion
  • Meet qualifications and maintain essential institutional standards for courses, programs, and activities
  • Provide requested documentation (from an appropriate professional) or otherwise demonstrate how the disability or condition limits your participation in courses, programs, services, and activities if you have a request outside of the accommodations for which you have been approved
  • Follow published procedures for obtaining reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, and auxiliary aids and services
  • Comply with Northwestern's policy for academic integrity by accurately portraying accommodation needs to instructors
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