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Billing and Payment

Northwestern Qatar uses your Northwestern student email address to send tuition invoices and monthly statements; the University is not responsible for email forwarded to an alternate address. Failure to receive or read official University email does not exempt you from knowing and complying with the message content.

Payment Due Dates

Please note that failure to receive a bill is not sufficient cause for extending the payment due date.


Date eBill is available online

Payment due date


July 10

September 1


December 10

January 1


May 10

June 1

eBill and payment due dates by semester


Third-Party Payments

If a third party such as a sponsor has agreed to pay your tuition, Student Finance may be able to facilitate the billing and payment process for you. Please note, however, that even with a third-party payment arrangement in place, you, the student, are ultimately liable for all charges on your account.

Opt-Out of Textbook Fee

Students may elect to opt out of receiving textbooks provided by the University. The opt-out decision must be made and communicated to Business and Finance one day prior to the beginning of classes each semester. Incoming first-year students may opt out only with prior approval by Business & Finance.

Students choosing this option must complete the opt-out of textbooks service request.  

Late Payments

If payment is not received by the due date, you will be charged a late payment fee (see “Common Fees” in Financial Regulations booklet). Failure to pay bills on time may result in financial holds on your registration and transcript.

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