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Student-Run Clubs and Organizations

NU-Q Clubs

Best Buddies

The NU-Q chapter of Best Buddies Qatar aims to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by raising awareness about the difficulties faced by people with special needs and helping find solutions to integrate them into our communities.


This club aims to foster a culture of literary appreciation and creative thinking within the NU-Q and EC communities by developing the reading and writing skills of its members, as well as their understanding of poetry and the written word in general.

Culture Club

This club aims to bring the NU-Q and EC communities closer by bridging cultural gaps through hosting events where different cultures unite and exchange knowledge. Culture Club also works toward building awareness of Qatari traditions and customs in the hope to educate newcomers and residents of Qatar.

The Daily Q

The Daily Q is Northwestern University in Qatar’s online newspaper. NU-Q students report on various stories of interest about NU-Q, Education City and Doha.

Debate Club

This club aims to equip its members with leadership, critical thinking, and oratory skills to become avid debaters and passionate public speakers. The club regularly sends teams to Qatar Universities Debate League tournaments.

Music Society

This club aims to create a culture of music, both for performing and appreciating, at NU-Q. The club supports its members who desire to share and enhance music-making and who strive to maintain a musical interest in the community by creating a platform for students to exercise their artistic talents.

Not Another Film Club

Not Another Film Club screens films that are significant to the art of filmmaking. The society builds a sense of community through shared appreciation of the aesthetic value of the visual arts while also taking part in debates and conversations before, after, and during meetings and screenings. The society also takes part in local, national and international film festivals and conferences.

NU-Q Student Union (NUQSU)

Northwestern University in Qatar Student Union (NUQSU) is an advocate for the NU-Q student body, and acts as a liaison between students and the administration and the faculty. NUQSU provides communication between campus organizations and the student body. NUQSU offers opportunities for leadership development, involvement, and personal growth within the NU-Q community. Website:

Peace Squad

This club aims to preserve, promote, and present Muslim values, ethics, and identity within the NU-Q community. Peace Squad works toward creating and maintaining a close knit community of Muslim students through positive dialogue, discovery, action, and interaction via an Islamic approach.

Society of Professional Journalist (SPJ)

SPJ is dedicated to the perpetuation of a free press. It is the role of journalists to provide this information in an accurate, comprehensive, timely and understandable manner. It is the mission of the SPJ:

Studio 20Q

Studio 20Q is a student run organization at Northwestern University in Qatar that aims to create a thriving film culture, provide opportunities for students to experience filmmaking outside of production classes, and support upcoming filmmakers. Studio 20Q achieves that by providing grants for student films, a variety of filmmaking workshops and a network of professional filmmakers in Qatar and around the world.

If you are interested in joining or starting a student club, contact Indee Thotawattage at

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