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Student-Run Clubs and Organizations

NU-Q Clubs


The NU-Q Student Union advocates for the NU-Q student body and acts as a liaison between students and the administration. Through a variety of community building initiatives, NUQSU aims to foster creativity and collaboration among the student body and offers opportunities for leadership development and personal growth.

The Daily Q

The Daily Q is the university’s student-run online newspaper. NU-Q students report on various stories of interest about NU-Q, Education City and Doha. Website: 

Studio 20Q

Studio 20Q is the university’s student-run filmmaking organization. They provide grants for student films, a number of which have been screened at prestigious festivals and won multiple awards.

Cultural Clubs

With a diverse student population at NU-Q, the variety of cultural clubs further enrich diversity on campus. These include:

Special Interest Clubs

NU-Q’s special interest clubs allow groups of students who share common interests to pursue their passion projects. These include:

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