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Minor, Strategic Communication: Curriculum

Gain a holistic understanding of the concepts and practice of strategic communication through conceptual learning, and hands-on applications including discussions, case studies, opportunities for interactions with practitioners, talks, and industry-sponsored student competitions.


There is growth in demand for strategic communication expertise in Qatar; this includes workforce in both non-profit and for-profit organizations, as well as specialized firms and agencies in strategic communication. Students pursuing the Strategic Communication Minor develop the skills needed in the communication industry today through a holistic understanding of strategic communication derived from course offerings that instil a range of skills (digital marketing communication, public relations, advertising, corporate communication and social causes communication).


Requirements Overview

Updated: March 2021


The Minor in Strategic Communication is open to Northwestern Qatar students with a sophomore standing and above. Students interested in the Minor must contact their academic advisers to complete a minor declaration form.

The Minor is offered to students at sophomore standing and above and requires six courses, which must meet the following requirements:

Core Courses 

StratCom 303           Introduction to strategic communication
StratCom 305           Corporate storytelling
StratCom 310           Media and audience insights
StratCom 320           Capstone project. Strategic communication campaigns

Elective Courses

Students will choose two courses from a pool of elective courses as well as one production course from a pool of journalism (JOUR) or communication (MIT) production courses.

StratCom 306           Media Planning
StratCom 307           Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing
JOUR 390                Global Perspectives in Strategic Communication

Note: Courses may not be offered every semester. It is important to consult early with your academic adviser to plan a course of study.

For the completion of the minor, each of these courses must be passed with a grade of C or higher.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to enroll in the Minor in Strategic Communication?

All Northwestern Qatar students are eligible to enroll in the Minor in Strategic Communication.

When can I declare the Minor?

This is the scheduling of the Minor in Strategic Communication. Please speak with your adviser to know when to declare.
  • The Minor is announced in Spring 2021
  • All documentation for the Minor (for advisers, registrar, etc.) is prepared by the end of Summer 2021
  • The registrar starts receiving the Minor Declaration Forms beginning Fall 2021
  • Students will enroll in the re-designed StratCom 303, Intro to Strategic Comm (required), in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 (Fall or Spring 2nd year)
  • Students will enroll in the re-designed StratCom 305- Corporate & Non-Profit PR (required) in Spring 2023 or Fall 2023 (Fall or Spring 3rd year)
  • Students will enroll in StratCom 310 Audience and Media Analytics in Fall 2024 (Fall 4thyear). This is a new course required for the Minor and that will be developed by the instructor the year before.
  • Students will complete the Minor requirements with the capstone StratCom 320 in Spring 2024 (Spring 4th year)
  • Students can take the two elective courses anytime in between and as long as they meet the requirements.

How can I declare the Minor in Strategic Communication?

To declare the Minor, please speak with your adviser first and then you will be asked to fill in a Minor declaration Form.

How many courses do I need to complete to graduate with a Minor in Strategic Communication?

You need to complete four required courses and two elective courses to be eligible to graduate with a Minor in Strategic Communication.
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