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Filming Approvals On/Off Campus

Filming in NU-Q building

Filming on the NU-Q Campus is permitted only if it does not interfere with normal University business and/or previously scheduled events.

As a student of NU-Q, you are permitted to film on campus if the project is a student production and the crew are fellow students. (A student production is a project that is being filmed as part of a classroom assignment or grant and is not destined for commercial broadcast or other use.)

Filming NU-Q building interiors other than studio

Notification should be sent to NU-Q Facilities Management (7 business days in advance ) to ensure location availability and  to ensure there is no conflict.

Filming NU-Q building exteriors

Exterior filming is permitted so long as access to entrances are not impeded and fire escape routes are kept clear. Notification should be sent to NU-Q Facilities Management (7 business days in advance) to ensure there is no conflict.

Stunts/Special Effects

Stunts and/or special effects will be denied while filming on the NU-Q campus depending on risk to the University. Please complete a filming Risk assessment and forward to NU-Q HSSE for sign off.

Your NU-Q student ID card must be carried with you at all times while filming.


Filming within Education City

Internal Building Shoots

With the exception of the NU-Q building you are required to obtain a general filming approval from QF Coms Department: 

External Building Shoots

Obtain the general filming approval from QF Comms Department: 

Upon receipt of QF Comms approval, forward a copy to NU-Q Facilities Management. Prior to or on the day of the shoot contact QF Security control room at or by calling 4454 1086 to inform them of your planned activities, time, and place. (This is to ensure that you do not have difficulties with local guards).

Filming Outside Education City

Students who wish to conduct filming projects outside the confines of Education City are required to seek permission from the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MOTC).

Permission can be obtained by written request to the Director of Public Relations and Communications Department at the MOTC. The request in the form of a letter can be in either Arabic or English and needs to provide the details of the film, the purpose of the film, and its sponsors, e.g. NU-Q and/or a faculty member, etc. 

The letter can be emailed to Any questions can be directed to MOTC by calling 16016 / +974 4045 1111.

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