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Temporary Medical Conditions

Temporary medical conditions such as injuries, surgeries, or acute illnesses are generally not regarded as disabilities. This is because the degree of functional limitation and the duration (generally shorter than 6 months) of such impairments are usually not substantial enough to cause a temporary condition to be considered a disability.

Northwestern University in Qatar does, however, recognize that temporary medical conditions that occur during the school year may adversely affect a student's ability to fully participate in class.

Should you register with AccessibleNU-Q?

If AccessibleNU-Q is in a position to assist (e.g., we relocate a class for you), we need you to fill out our application and provide basic verification of your injury from a medical professional. Even if professors or TAs are addressing your injury-related arrangements themselves, professors may also ask you to register with AccessibleNU-Q to verify your condition and allow us to make recommendations for reasonable adjustments.

Common temporary conditions & accommodations

Find strategies and resources that may be beneficial for someone who is temporarily incapacitated with one of several common conditions:

Temporary Medical Condition Considerations That AccessibleNU-Q & Partner Offices May Be Able to Provide Considerations NOT Currently Available
Dominant Hand and Arm Injuries Proctoring and laptop loans for tests (subject to availability), copy of class notes (if a student note-taker has already been hired for your class) University-purchased speech-to-text software
Mobility-Related Injuries ANU-Q can assist with class relocation and underground parking authorization. Wheelchairs, crutches, or other medical devices; point-to-point transportation service (i.e., rides to classes/medical appointments)
Concussions Note-taking (for classes that already have a student note-taker) and proctoring (subject to availability), access to text-to-speech software that reads pdfs and web pages AccessibleNU-Q cannot provide tech support or provide documents in alternate format for students with temporary conditions


Injury to Dominant Hand/Arm

When taking exams, although we ask that you work with your professor or TA to provide extra time. Laptop loans may also be available through NU-Q IT. In addition, we may be able to provide you with class notes if a student with a disability who requires a note-taker is in your class and a note-taker has been hired. We cannot purchase speech-to-text or other software, which would be up to you to purchase if desired.

Mobility-Related Injury

HBKU Housing and Residence Life may be able to assist in having your on-campus room relocated to the first floor or to a building with elevator access (subject to availability). AccessibleNU-Q can typically assist in relocating classrooms that you are having difficulty accessing. Access to underground parking is available with a parking permit for persons with disabilities which can be applied for via Metrash2 We cannot provide access to a short-term, point-to-point transport system to take you to and from classes or medical appointments because Northwestern University in Qatar does not have such a system; most students rely on the campus shuttles or Uber.

AccessibleNU-Q does not have wheelchairs or other medical devices available for loan. QF Primary Health Care Center may have a wheelchair to loan for up to a 48-hour period. After that period of time, we recommend that students rent wheelchairs or other mobility-assistance devices from an a local pharmacy. 


Especially given the brevity of symptoms when students take brain rest, only a small number of students with concussions register with us. However, feel free to inquire if we are able to provide you with class notes, which would be possible only if a student with a disability who requires a note-taker is in your class and a note-taker has been hired. We ask that you work with your professor or TA to provide extra time on tests if needed. 

If you are having difficulty reading materials on your computer such as pdf articles for classes or websites, consider downloading Read & Write Gold text-to-speech software, which is free to all Northwestern affiliates given AccessibleNU's site license. Please note that AcessibleNU-Q can only provide tech support and documents in alternate format students who have been approved for this accommodation in the course of registering with the office.

Outreach to Faculty

For most injuries, we cannot provide outreach to your professors or make recommendations about course work; please contact your academic adviser to facilitate. Contacting your adviser is especially essential if you need to modify your course load or have someone reach out to one or more of your professors.

Keep in mind that given the fast pace of a semester, it is unfortunately sometimes the case that students who have injuries or illnesses need to apply for a medical leave of absence through Counseling and Wellness until their condition has improved.

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