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Media and Research Awards

Media and Research Awards is an annual event that celebrates exceptional student work, provides exposure and networking opportunities to current students, and inspires students to continue to improve their academic work. 


Please ensure that all submissions comply with these guidelines to be considered for the Media and Research Awards.

  • Submissions must be original and created by students.
  • Submissions must be accessible through the designated portal within the submission deadline.
  • Each submission requires a faculty sponsor. Students should consult their instructors before submitting.
  • Entries should have been produced within the last calendar year (Jan-Dec).
  • Projects should be submitted under only one category.
  • Group projects are accepted, but only one award will be granted per group.
  • Students must be in good standing and have a clear academic integrity record.
  • The Media & Research Awards Committee shortlists three to five nominees for each category, and an external jury selects the winners.
  • A category must have a minimum of three to five quality nominations to be eligible for an award.
  • Nominees must submit required materials, such as research posters or audio-visual content, and present their work at the event.
  • Attendance at the award ceremony is mandatory to receive the award.
  • Nominees grant Northwestern University in Qatar the rights to use their work for marketing and distribution purposes.
Application Form

Categories and Descriptions


This award celebrates the art of imaginative storytelling across various formats. Submissions may include but are not limited to short stories, screenplays and poetry. Entries will be assessed on their creativity, emotional impact, and literary merit.


Entries in this category should represent the pinnacle of documentary filmmaking, weaving compelling narratives through factual and cinematic storytelling. The works will be assessed for their ability to inform, engage, and impact viewers, maintaining adherence to documentary filmmaking standards.


This category recognizes exceptional talent in interactive media, cutting-edge technologies, and animation. Entries may include 2D/3D animations, VR/AR experiences, interactive apps, digital games, and more. They will be assessed for originality, technical skill, narrative quality, and/or user engagement.


This category celebrates the best in journalistic writing, from breaking news to in-depth feature articles, insightful profiles, and thought-provoking editorials. Submissions should demonstrate clarity, accuracy, and the ability to engage readers.


Awarding the best in visual journalism, this category is tailored for works that tell compelling stories through visual media. Submissions like broadcast segments, photojournalism, and video packages will be assessed for their storytelling prowess, visual creativity, and journalistic integrity.


Dedicated to fictional narratives in film, this category showcases works that tell a story through moving images, judged on storytelling, character development, lighting, cinematography, and editing. Eligible works produced as part of academic coursework are preferred.


Reserved for scholarly papers in the humanities and social sciences, this category rewards depth of research and analytical acumen in a multicity of fields, including communication, journalism and liberal arts. Submissions should pose significant research questions, employ rigorous methodologies, and apply appropriate analysis techniques.


This category is a tribute to creators who master the realm of sound. It encompasses a broad range of auditory work, from the narrative intimacy of podcasts to the complex layers of sound design. Entries will be judged on clarity, creativity, mood evocation and how effectively sound complements the overall storytelling.


In this category, students may submit strategic communication pieces aimed at promoting a variety of initiatives. Submissions including, but not limited to PSAs, commercials, and press releases will be evaluated based on their creativity, strategic approach, and effectiveness in achieving their intended impact.

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