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ID Requirement

NU-Q staff, faculty and students are required to show their NU-Q ID to security staff upon entrance to the CMUQ building. Visitors may obtain a guest badge upon entrance. All visitors must show ID and sign in with security. (EC visitors will be required to sign in only while non-EC visitors will be asked to hand in a form of ID in exchange for a visitors pass).

Staff, faculty, students and visitors must wear their ID card at all times unless equipment is being used or activities are being undertaken which would make it dangerous to wear an ID card. You may be asked by NU-Q facilities management or QF HSSE security staff to show your ID card if it is not visible. If you are not in possession of your NU-Q ID you will be required to obtain a visitor's badge from the building entrance.

Lost ID

If you have lost your NU-Q ID please contact student affairs immediately at:

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