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Withdrawal & Readmission

Withdrawal from the University

Students who wish to withdraw from Northwestern University in Qatar after registering for classes in any semester must file a withdrawal form .

The withdrawal takes effect the day the completed form, bearing the required signatures, is received at Student Records. Students who have taken the final exam may not withdraw and must take the grade they earned.

View Withdrawal Checklist View Financial Responsibility upon Withdrawal

Readmission and Re-entry to the University (FRET)

Students who have not registered for one or more semesters of an academic year must file at Student Records an application to re-enter no later than six weeks before the first day of registration of the semester in which they plan to return. This is not required from students who did not register for the Summer Session.

Students must obtain advance approval from their academic adviser if they wish to transfer credit for work taken elsewhere during an absence from Northwestern. An official signed and sealed transcript of that work must be furnished to Student Records before the end of the next semester in residence at Northwestern, or credit for such work is not allowed.

If a student interrupts a program of study for an extended period of time and if degree requirements are changed during this period, the new requirements normally must be met.

Any modification of the requirements is made by the appropriate administrative officers of the school in which the student is registered. If a leave lasts for longer than five years, a student will have to re-apply to the University.

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