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Traveling with Media Equipment

University-sponsored travel

Faculty, staff, and students traveling under a University-sponsored travel program must specify the need for Production equipment as part of the travel application process. After submitting the application and receiving approval from the Dean’s Council, trip leaders should contact to discuss equipment needs. 

The trip leader is required to contact the local Film Commission or Film Development office of their destination in order to obtain approval for specified filming locations. A copy of the correspondence should be submitted to before equipment checkout is granted. A database of International Film Commissions can be found at Other countries not found in this database can be found under a web search. 

The trip leader is required to schedule and attend a group checkout and check-in session by emailing

Equipment can be checked out on an individual or group basis based on the trip leader’s requirements. If the trip leader requires all equipment to be checked out as one complete group, then the trip leader will take full liability for all equipment that are checked out.

Students should clear all fines with the Equipment Cage in order to check out equipment.

Students who will not be returning directly to the State of Qatar after the university-sponsored trip who:

  • want to keep the equipment - fill out a separate online Travel Request Form specifying the details of the second trip.
  • do not want to keep the equipment - check out the equipment as part of a group so that the equipment can be returned by the other member(s).

All equipment checked-out should be returned by the person(s) who signed the checkout form. Returning of equipment for other people is not permitted and will result in a fine.


Faculty, staff, students, and alumni wishing to travel outside the State of Qatar with pre-approved travel equipment must fill out an online Travel Request Form no later than ONE WEEK prior to their departure

Students traveling with non-pre-approved equipment must fill out an online Travel Request Form THREE WEEKS prior to departure in order to receive a travel letter from the Qatar Foundation for customs clearance when returning to the State of Qatar. 

All requests must detail the location(s), the purpose of the trip, and dates of travel along with a brief description of the project signed by a trip advisor/sponsor, faculty member, or by the Director of Production and Digital Media in order to reserve equipment.

Failure to complete these requirements will result in the cancellation of your reservation and the ability to take equipment out of the country.


Only specific equipment is available for travel outside of Qatar. The following equipment is approved for travel:

  • Nikon D90
  • Nikon D5100
  • Nikon D5200
  • Canon 5D MII
  • Canon 5D MIII
  • Canon 6D
  • Panasonic HDC-750
  • GoPro Hero
  • GoProHero 3
  • Olympus LS-10
  • Zoom H4N
  • Marantz PMD 660
  • Shure VP64A
  • Tram TR-50
  • Audio Technica ATR3350
  • Azden SGM 1000
  • K-Tek KEG-150
  • Rycote
  • Manfrotto 700RC2
  • Manfrotto 128LP
  • Manfrotto MVM500A
  • Gitzo GM2561T
  • Pocket Wizard PLUS II Transceiver PW-P-TR

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