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Time Entry (Kronos)

Northwestern University hourly employees use a system called Kronos to log hours worked. Students who work at NU-Q will need to access the Kronos website to log their hours in order to get paid.
Once a supervisor submits a new job request on the Student Employment app, students then receive an invitation for a Kronos Canvas course. Students must complete the Canvas course prior to beginning their job.
If you are facing any difficulties with the Canvas course, reach out to Student Finance.


In order to access Kronos, students must be on campus or connected to the VPN.

Students should enter hours in Kronos weekly.  However, on an exceptional basis, students who were not able to enter their hours in Kronos during the pay period must complete the Kronos historical time edit form. A valid reason must be provided for such cases, as failure in entering hours in a timely manner will result in payment delays. Supervisors will be sent a request for approval for all historic time edits. The student finance office will enter the hours upon approval.

Hours entered as historical time edits will be paid once processed by home campus. The payment process may take several weeks. Missed hours may only be entered once submitted and approved on the Historical time edit form.

Important things to note:

  • If a student has multiple active jobs, the student is responsible in coordinating with their supervisors on a set number of hours to ensure they are not exceeding the 20-hour limit per week.
  • All hours reported on Kronos for any of the active jobs must not exceed 20 hours combined.
  • Overreporting of hours will result in a deduction from the student’s paycheck for the next pay period.
  • If a student has reported excessive hours and does not have any active jobs, repayment is expected in a timely manner to avoid registration and transcript holds. This can be arranged with Student Finance.
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