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Student Visa Process (Int'l Students Only)

The State of Qatar requires foreign students who are studying and living in Qatar to obtain a Residence Visa to enter the country and, after arrival, a residence permit (RP). Northwestern will assist in the application of the Residence Visa and RP.

Apply for Residence Visa

Northwestern will apply for your Residence Visa on your behalf. This process is completed electronically and you will not need to visit a local Qatari embassy and/or consulate. In order to apply for an entry visa, you must:

Note for Indian and Pakistani nationals:

If you have obtained an updated passport since you have uploaded it during your application process, or plan on renewing your passport prior to entering Qatar, please email:

You will typically receive your visa closer to your travel date to Qatar. Once you receive your visa, be sure to check for accuracy including the correct spelling of your name, nationality, and passport number. You will need to print the visa and carry it with you when you travel to Qatar.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Student Experience Department.


Within two weeks of entry to Qatar, the following must be physically submitted:

You will complete a blood type exam, and obtain passport-size photos during the New Student Orientation program.

Once the RP application process is initiated, the student will be scheduled for a medical test (which will screen for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis) and fingerprinting at the Ministry of Interior. The entire RP process takes 3-6 weeks to complete and, during this time, the student may not travel outside of Qatar. If you have any questions regarding the RP process, please contact

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