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Qatar Residence Permit (Int'l Students Only)

The State of Qatar requires foreign students who are studying and living in Qatar to obtain a permanent entry visa to enter the country and upon entry, must immediately start the process to obtain a residence permit (RP). NU-Q will help you for both visa and RP.

Permanent Entry Visa

This visa can take up to six weeks to process. Please send the following materials to Saeed Mohamed ( to initiate this process:

Residence Permit (RP)

Within two weeks of entry to Qatar, the following must be physically submitted to Saeed Mohamed in the Human Resources department (NU-Q 3rd Floor).

Once this process is initiated, the student will be scheduled for a medical test (which will screen for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis) and fingerprinting at the Ministry of Interior. This entire RP process takes 3-6 weeks to complete and, during this time, the student may not travel outside of Qatar.

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