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Financing FAQ

How do I apply for QF Financial Aid?

Apply for QF Financial Aid online by completing the following steps:

  1. Register for an account on the Financial Aid website, or log in if you already have an account.
  2. If you are registering for a new account, QF will “activate” your account first. Then, you may upload your documents and submit your application.
  3. Collect and scan soft copies of all supporting documents requested for the application.

When is the best time to apply for financial aid?

Incoming students should apply for QF Financial aid as soon as possible and should verify the application due date with QF. The process can take a significant amount of time. Your financial aid application will be processed after you have also uploaded your university acceptance letter. To receive funding you must actually be an enrolled student.

How is financial need determined?

QF Financial Services calculates need using a formula that includes a thorough assessment of the student’s family’s finances, such as income vs. expenditures and assets vs. debts. QF Financial Services reviews and approves all financial aid applications. 

What does financial aid cover?

Financial aid covers a percentage of tuition and fees and is paid directly to the university on behalf of the student.

How will I be notified of awards?

Students who qualify for merit scholarships will be notified of their award via their university acceptance letter. Students who qualify for Qatar Foundation need-based aid are notified via the Qatar Foundation financial aid portal. Students must sign into their account in order to view the status of their award package.

May I combine different options?

Yes, you may combine various options, with some exceptions. For example, students receiving a merit scholarship may still be eligible for QF need-based as well as participate in student employment opportunities. Consult the NU-Q Student Financial Services Representative and your individual sponsor for acceptable combinations.

How do I opt-out of textbooks?

To review the opt-out of textbooks policy, please visit the NU-Q Textbooks webpage.

Students may elect to opt out of receiving textbooks provided by the University. The opt-out decision must be made and communicated to Business and Finance one day prior to the beginning of classes each semester. Incoming first-year students may opt out only with prior approval by Business & Finance. Failure to comply with the opt-out deadline will result in textbook fees, regardless of whether the textbooks were received or not.

To request to opt out of your textbooks, please use the following link: opt-out of textbooks service request. 

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