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Journalism Residency

The goal of the Journalism Residency is for students to get hands-on experience in the fields of journalism and media. For 10 weeks, usually in the third year of study, journalism students leave campus to work fulltime for, with, and alongside veteran journalists or public relations practitioners in professional environments. This is a required component of the Bachelor of Science degree in journalism. Students earn university credit for their residency.

Who is eligible?

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree in journalism. Typically students are juniors. Journalism Residency is a required component of the B.S. degree in journalism.

Eligibility Requirements

Find specific eligibility requirements in the Undergrad Catalog for the year you entered NU-Q.

When is it?

10 weeks during spring semester of junior year.

Residency sites

Students will be invited to submit their preferences for Journalism Residency sites and industries, but the final decision about JR placement will be made by NU-Q leadership. The decision will take into account a number of factors, including the student's training, internships, campus journalism and communications-related experiences, interests, career goals, grades, and insights from faculty.

While students may not get their top choice of site, they are assured an assignment that will allow them to develop their skills and grow professionally. Students should consider their skill level and experience and the demands of the sites when voicing their preferences for placement.

Organizations that have hosted Northwestern University in Qatar students include:


Students register for Journalism Residency during the fall semester before the spring semester residency.

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