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Journalism Residency

Northwestern University in Qatar requires all Journalism majors to complete a 10-week professional residency. Journalism Residency is an opportunity for NU-Q students to apply skills from the classroom to a professional opportunity at one of NU-Q’s numerous media partners, giving students real-world experience to propel their career. Residency sites are in Qatar, the broader region, and across the world with an emphasis on placements in the Global South.

Journalism Residency consists of four units of academic credit: 

Journalism Residency Policies and Procedures


Journalism Residency is a degree requirement for all students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism. There are a number of prerequisite courses and so students typically participate in Journalism Residency when they are juniors.

To be eligible for Journalism Residency, students must demonstrate that they are making academic progress. They must be in good academic and conduct standing with both NU-Q and the University at large. Students must also demonstrate through the JR placement process that they will engage with the program in a professional and responsible manner.

For specific eligibility requirements, students should check the Undergrad Catalog for the year they entered NU-Q.

When is it?

In their junior year, students start the spring semester on-campus in Doha, taking two five-week immersive pre-residency courses. In mid-February they begin their full-time residency which lasts for ten weeks.

Residency sites

Residencies can be completed in one of four available tracks:

  1. News / Online
  2. Broadcast / Video
  3. Magazine
  4. Strategic Communication
  • only open to Strat Comm minors who have completed the prerequisites of STRATCOM 303 and STRATCOM 305

Students have the opportunity to indicate their preferred track and location, but the final decision of JR site is made by the Journalism Residency Director.

Organizations that have hosted Northwestern University in Qatar students include:

More Details

Eligible students will be invited to an Info Session during the Spring semester of the Sophomore year and must submit their application package at the end of their sophomore year. 

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