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Student Travel Requirements, Funding, Planning


Students traveling must follow the Student Code of Conduct on trips and follow the instructions of the faculty or staff member leading the travel.

Students are expected to travel to and from the location with the group on group-travel. Exceptions to this must be requested over one month in advance and will not be allowed on many trips. When exceptions are made, a waiver must be signed by the student and any additional expense is the responsibility of the student.

Funding and expenses

Some student trips have components that are funded by NU-Q. When NU-Q decides to fund a trip, typically the airfare, accommodation, and group transportation and meals will be covered. Visa fees, individual meals and transportation, and incidental expenses are not covered. Students must also contribute 500 QAR towards the trip. Students on financial aid may request to have the fee waived and for a small stipend for the anticipated incidental expenses.

Planning & Procedures

School wide planning

Experiential and Service Learning proposals for the academic year are due in early fall so that selections from among alternatives can be made. These are recommended by the Dean's Council. Journalism residencies and communication exchange are planned in advance and scheduled in the fall semester for spring semester travel. These are recommended by the academic directors and associate deans and approved by the Dean. Course-related travel is proposed by the faculty and recommended by the academic directors and associate deans, subject to approval by the Dean.


In order to fully encourage and expedite student travel, appropriate planning and authorization is essential with deadlines observed and all travel is contingent on:

Special Circumstances

While most travel requires considerable advanced planning, NU-Q is also cognizant of the need to be nimble in a limited number of unanticipated trips, involving changing circumstances, news developments or others. These can be authorized by application to the academic program directors and associate deans in consultation with the Dean. These trips are contingent on reasonable time for internal financial, travel and other support. Safety issues and visa approvals are beyond the control of NU-Q personnel, so any such travel should always consider the possibility of outside blockages. Students and faculty should also be advised to mitigate possible disappointment. NU-Q will diligently try to accommodate a limited number of such trips--with specific funds set aside for them. This does not apply to travel that is not time-sensitive.

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