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Immunization & Health Requirements

Immunizations and tuberculosis screening requirement

NU-Q requires all students to submit documentation of vaccination or immunity from polio, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, meningitis, and complete a screening for tuberculosis (TB) using the Immunization and Tuberculosis Screening Certificate.

If using lab reports to show immunity, copies of the lab reports should be attached to the NU-Q Immunization and Tuberculosis Screening Certificate. Original childhood immunization documents are not necessary and will not be accepted. This is to be submitted to NU-Q Counseling, Health, and Wellness by the deadlines below.

In Qatar, vaccines, blood work, and record verification can be done for free at Hamad Medical Corporation Vaccination Unit at the Mesaimeer Health Center (map, phone: 4406-4251), at your local primary health care center, or for a fee at private hospitals, laboratories, or clinics.

Ministry of Public Health Requirement

All students entering the country for the purpose of attending NU-Q are required by law to take a medical exam, the purpose of which is to protect the health of the population and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The medical exam is arranged for you by NU-Q.

The issuance of a residency permit, required by immigration laws to study and reside in Qatar, is contingent upon medical clearance on all examinations.

Medical clearance is defined by negative test results for the following tests:

If the State of Qatar’s Medical Commission finds positive results on any of these examinations, students will be immediately repatriated from the country.

Recommended exams before entering Qatar

To avoid such an event, NU-Q strongly recommends international students relocating to Qatar to complete the following medical examinations in their home country prior to entering Qatar:

  1. Blood-type certificate (required for residency permit)
  2. Chest x-ray exam for tuberculosis
  3. HIV antibodies
  4. Hepatitis B
  5. Hepatitis C

All medical lab reports and summaries of results should be in English and include the medical provider’s signature and official stamp. You are only required to submit the blood type certificate (item #1 above). All other medical test results (items #2-#5) are for your reference and do not need to be submitted.

Please note that the results students independently obtain in their home country will not be used for immigration processing. The State of Qatar’s Medical Commission will perform the tests again and their results will be considered as Final and Official.

See Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health website for more information.

Deadlines for Health Requirements

The Immunization and Tuberculosis Screening Certificate should be submitted to Counseling, Health and Wellness by the applicable deadline below. Full-time and half/part-time students and previous students returning to Northwestern University in Qatar who are beginning in the following semesters should submit documentation by the following deadlines:

Term Deadline
Fall July 31
Spring November 31
Summer May 1
Late Admits 30 days after acceptance

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Make sure to submit the Immunization and Tuberculosis Screening Certificate by the applicable deadline above. This allows Counseling, Health and Wellness staff time to process your documents and notify you of any deficiencies. Furthermore, it provides you with the time to rectify any deficiencies prior to arriving on campus.

Students who fail to submit their Immunization and Tuberculosis Screening Certificate, or fail to rectify ALL immunization deficiencies by 30 days after the start of classes will be barred from future class registration (including adding or changing classes) until compliant.

Only those vaccinations which are not yet due will be allowed to be incomplete at this time. Penalties are not assessed prior to the start of classes and won't impact registration for classes for your first semester.

If you have questions concerning the Immunization and Tuberculosis Screening Certificate, entrance health requirements, immunizations, or related issues, please review the Health Requirement Frequently Asked Questions, or send an email message to

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