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Enrollment Status

Enrollment Categories

  • Full-time: Students who enroll in 3 to 5.5 units are billed at the full-time tuition rate. Students with full-time enrollment will be charged $33,579 per semester for the 2024-25 academic year (excluding health, textbook, and activity fees).
  • Part-time: Students who enroll in under 3 units are considered part-time. This is sometimes the case for graduating seniors. Students with part-time enrollment will be charged $11,947 per unit for the 2024-25 academic year. Part-time status may affect financial aid awards, please check with your financial aid provider(s) prior to enrolling as a part-time student.

Excess Course

Enrollment in more than 5.5 units will result in additional tuition charges. Semester course loads greater than 5.5 units will be assessed at a rate of $11,947 per unit for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

Please note there is no aid available for course overload charges.

Registration Changes

Changes in registration must be completed through CAESAR or through the process established at NU-Q; ceasing to attend classes is not an official means of dropping a course. Please note that registering less than full-time in any given term may have implications beyond your student account; consult the appropriate offices (e.g., your academic department, financial aid office) before making such changes. You may not add courses or change course sections after the add/drop deadline. As a rule, the University cannot give refunds or reduce tuition bills for any course dropped after the add/drop deadline. 

For more information about University registration policies and procedures, including the Undergraduate Registration Requirement that applies to degree-seeking undergraduate students, please visit the academic resources website

Withdrawal from the University

Students who wish to withdraw from Northwestern University in Qatar after registering for classes in any semester must complete the withdrawal process with Student Records. The withdrawal takes effect the day the completed form is received at Student Records with the required signatures.

Students who have taken the final exam may not withdraw and must take the grade they earned. If you do not notify Student Records of your intent to withdraw, your enrollment and charges will remain on your record.

Tuition deposits are not refundable under any circumstances. However, depending on the date of your official withdrawal from Northwestern during a given term, tuition fees (less the deposit) may be refunded.

General Institutional Refund Policy

The percentage of tuition refunded depends on how long you were enrolled in the term. A term is inclusive of the official first day of classes through the official last day of the final exam period for the term.

Time of withdrawal  Tuition refund
9/4/2024 Last day to withdraw from NU-Q for fall 2024 with a 100% refund
9/21/2024 Last day to withdraw from NU-Q for fall 2024 with a 75% refund
10/20/2024 Last day to withdraw from NU-Q for fall 2024 with a 50% refund
1/17/2025 Last day to withdraw from NU-Q for spring 2025 with a 100% refund
2/3/2025 Last day to withdraw from NU-Q for spring 2025 with a 75% refund
3/4/2025 Last day to withdraw from NU-Q for spring 2025 with a 50% refund

Other funds

QF financial aid, scholarships, sponsorships, and University-appropriated financial aid must be reviewed by the provider if you withdraw from the University.

If you retain University-appropriated assistance for unpaid institutional charges as a result of a withdrawal, please consult your financial aid office to determine the impact on future eligibility.

Housing Contract Adjustments

Withdrawal from the University may affect your QF housing contract. Once a student has officially withdrawn from NU-Q, QF housing will be notified of the change in status. If you are planning to withdrawal from University, please contact QF housing to coordinate.

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