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Confidentiality Policy

Counseling Confidentiality Policy

Illinois State confidentiality and privacy laws for mental health legislate the strictest enforcement of client-therapist confidentiality. These laws are congruent with professional ethical standards. Counseling, Health and Wellness are strictly confidential. Use of CHW counseling services is in no way indicated on the student's academic transcript. CHW records are kept separately from the student's medical records. No one outside of CHW may receive information about a student's counseling without the student's written permission except under rare circumstances related to safety and welfare, or where regulated by law.

All members of the Northwestern University community should be free from discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct.  Northwestern University Office of Equity provides resources and support for students who may have experienced discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct (even if that person does not want an investigation).  Counseling, Health and Wellness is a confidential resource and can provide survivors with information about support services and their options.  Confidential resources will not disclose information about incidents of sexual misconduct to anyone, including law enforcement or the University, except in very limited situations, such as when failure to disclose the information would result in imminent danger to the individual or to others.  Because of the confidential nature of these resources, disclosing information to or seeking advice from a confidential counselor does not constitute a report or complaint to the University and will not result in a response or intervention by the University.  Find additional information regarding filing a report, confidential resources, or medical or safety assistance here.

If faculty, administrators, or parents wish to speak with the CHW counselor about a student who is receiving counseling, they may ask the student to complete an Authorization to Release Information Form at CHW. The Authorization to Release Information Form allows CHW staff to acknowledge to the designated person(s) that the student has received counseling services.  CHW staff is permitted to receive information from staff, faculty, and concerned others about students of concern but cannot provide information unless written consent has been provided by the student or, in rare circumstances related to safety and welfare, as regulated by law.

AccessibleNU-Q Confidentiality Policy

AccessibleNU-Q maintains confidentiality of information, meaning that records contained in AccessibleNU-Q’s files are housed only in our center or on AccessibleNU-Q's internal database and are not part of your academic file.

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