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Mental Health Resources in Doha

Mental Health URGENCY  

A mental health urgency is an acute situation that needs immediate professional assistance, but does not pose an immediate health threat.  Urgent care and support services are typically needed in situations such as these:

  • I am having thoughts of suicide and/or I am not sure I can keep myself safe.
  • I recently intentionally physically self-injured enough to require medical attention.
  • I am having thoughts of harming someone else and may act on them.
  • I am hearing voices or seeing things that no one else sees or hears.
  • I have recently gone two or more days without any sleep and do not feel tired
  • I have recently been physically or sexually assaulted or threatened with bodily harm.
  • I believe my life is in danger.
  • Someone I know (e.g., a friend, family member) is in a life-threatening situation.  

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 999
or go to the local emergency room.  

Within Education City Resources for NU-Q Students (see eligibility criteria)

NU-Q Counseling and Wellness
Phone: 4454-5073/5082

National Mental Health Helpline

Call 16000 for free and confidential mental health support services.

NU-Q Faculty and Staff Consultations
Faculty, staff, and administration may consult with Counseling and Wellness staff about a student mental health urgency. 

Outside Education City

Naseem Medical Centre
Centre: C Ring Road 4465 2121

Al-Ahmadani Medical Center
Clinical Psychology and Counseling
Phone: 4435 4455/4400

Al-Sanabel Specialized Psychiatric Center
Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Phone: 7008‭ ‬3700

Doha Clinic Hospital
Phone: 4438 4333

Dr. Madhu Pahwa Clinic
Phone: 4486 7099

Hamad Medical Corporation
Psychiatry Outpatient Department

Psychiatrists and counselors
Phone: 4438 4599

Al-Ahli Hospital
Phone: 4489 8888

Emergency Mental Health Care 

An emergency is an injury, illness, or situation that is life-threatening.  

Within Education City
  • Call 4454 0999 or 5556 4701
Outside of Education City
  • Call 999 or go to the nearest emergency room        


Routine Care for Mental Health

Within Education City

NU-Q Counseling and Wellness
Office locations:  1-319 and 1-320

General inquiries can be emailed.  Do not email if you are having an urgency or emergency.  For emergencies, call 999.  

Make an appointment

QF Primary Health Care Clinic - Multaqa (EC Student Center)
Call: 4454 1244 and 4454 1240
This clinic is being operated by Queens Medical and services are provided for a fee. At this time, there is no psychiatric or psychological services offered on site, however, referrals to external mental health care providers can be made. 

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