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Virtual Relaxation Room

Welcome to the Wildcat Virtual Relaxation Room where you can interactively engage in playful activities and create a few moments of calm during your busy day!  And the best part is it is always here for you!
Whether you choose to follow the links below for deep breathing exercises, guided meditations, calming games and coloring, zoo cams, study and sleep sounds, movement activities, or writing activities, we hope you will learn skills to build your resiliency and reduce your experience of distress.   
Please note, the resources below are for educational purposes and are not intended as a substitute for professional counseling. 

Animal Kingdom

Connecting with nature, even if it is virtually, can positively impact your mood-click on one of the animal cams and you may find an increase in joy and amusement as well as a decrease in worry, anxiety, and stress.

Katmai National Park

Wolong Panda Center

Monterey Bay Aquarium Aviary

Monterey Bay Aquarium Kelp Forest

Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education

Breathing Exercises

Breathing techniques are often used to help people relax or deal with stress.  By consciously changing breathing patterns you may notice more ease and less tension.  

Box Breathing

Three Minute Mindful Breathing

Two Minute Breathe Bubble

Sound Bath

Sound bathing (also sometimes called "sound meditation" or "sound therapy") is the practice of mindfully listening to different sounds that help relax the body and mind. 

Crystal Singing Bowls

Guided Sound Bath

Nature Sounds

Relaxing Music


Whether doing a puzzle or coloring, these simple low stakes activities allow your attention to be focused outside of yourself and can reduce anxiety.  If traditional meditation seems too much, try out these puzzles and games.  The results are quite meditative without meditating!


Word Search

Online Coloring

Printable Coloring Pages

Gratitude Journal Prompts

Practicing expressing your thanks for not only what you have received but also for what you have offered can improve your overall sense of well-being. While the activities below are written, you can engage with them in a thoughtful way without writing down your responses. 

30 Days of Gratitude

My Gratitude Jar

Gratitude Journal – 3 Good Things


The body-breath movement of yoga cultivates the relaxation response and results in feelings of  relaxation, calmness and rest.  Try out some of these guided yoga sessions and offer yourself a moment of inner peace. 

5-Minute Yoga – Full Body Stretch

5-Minute Morning Yoga

10-Minute Full Body Stretch

Yoga for Brain Power

Yoga for Beginners

Guided Meditation and Relaxation Videos

Whether you try a passive guided meditation or an active muscle relaxation activity, you will find more calm and balance in your days ahead. 

Beach Meditation

Release Stress and Overthinking Meditation

Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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