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Online Health Resources by Topic

The links found on this webpage are provided solely as a resource to NU-Q students. They do not constitute an endorsement of these organizations, the content, or their programs by NU-Q Counseling and Wellness, NU-Q, or the government of its host country. NU-Q Counseling and Wellness is not responsible for the content of the individual organization Web pages found at these links.

Alcohol and Drugs


  • CampusWell Physical Activity Resources
  • Joyn  This fitness platform is dedicated to making exercise inclusive, accessible, and fun. The emphasis is on getting your heart rate up and feeling good.  Body neutrality is highlighted which is empowering.  You can do a search for instructor type with the choices being female, male, and person of color.  At this time access to the website is free and doesn't require a credit card.  

General Health


Mental Health


Self Care

Assault and Violence


  • Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School
  • Power Sleep is the website of James B. Maas, PhD, Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow and Professor in the Department of Psychology at Cornell University. Dr. Maas is well-known at Cornell for his popular introductory psychology class and his research on the relationship between sleep and performance.
  • Everyday Health Get the latest information on sleep issues and managing  symptoms.  
  • Sleep Score Labs. "Pulling an all-nighter doesn't work because learning requires a good night's sleep." Don't believe it? Check out this article!
  • National Sleep Foundation offers tips for improving sleep, information about sleep disorders, and many interesting links to other sleep sites.
  • Sleep Deprivation and Driving Learn more about driving under the influence of sleep deprivation. 
  • "Sleep, Learning, and Memory" (1:52): a video created by the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School that makes the case for good sleep both before and after learning occurs. The video is located half-way down the web page.
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine  Find out more about the relationship between your sleep and your academic success.
  • "a!Sleep" website:  Colombia University's website that includes terrific resources (e.g., a sleep assessment, sleep diary, and e-cards) to help you "enhance your bedtime performance."
  • Video about sleepThe University of Florida has produced a video that is tailored to the problems of university students

Stress Management

  • WellTrack - WellTrack is an interactive, self-educational, online program that uses Cognitive Behavioral techniques to help you address a range of issues. It includes modules for anxiety & stress, depression, and public speaking. It also includes a mood tracking tool, mindfulness and relaxation exercises, a scheduler/calendar, and a wellness assessment, among other resources.

    WellTrack is not a substitute for therapy. If you are not yet connected to care and are interested in learning more about available resources, please click here to schedule an initial consultation at NU-Q Counseling and Wellness.

    If you are already connected to mental health services, please inform your treatment provider that you are using WellTrack.

    Click here to access WellTrack. You can also download the app for your mobile device. WellTrack is available for all currently enrolled, full-time students at Northwestern. You will need to use your Northwestern email address when signing up, and you will be asked to login using your NetID.

Tobacco Cessation

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